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Secret gardens

Now that the Summer is in full swing and the heat finally seems here to stay we all need a chance to cool off.
Dining out is one of my favorite things in the world and one of my only occasions to go out, now that my dancing days are over due to my Mum duties.
And dining "al fresco" is even better...
Here are a few spots where you can have good food and also enjoy a special venue without spending a fortune.
I have recently discovered a lovely osteria in Lerici, called Osteria del Nudibrando. Hidden in the "carrugi" of the old town it has a beautiful garden on the top floor which adds a romantic charm to the gourmet experience, which mainly focuses on fish.
If you go head over heels for pizza then you cannot miss Margherita e le sue sorelle in the neighbourhood of la Foce. The pizza is outstanding, not your average Margherita, but recipes with a twist like anchovies and courgette flowers, to name my favorite. The garden overlooking the Gulf has Alice in Wonderland magic written all over it.
My last suggestion for perfect summer evenings is Ai colli del Telegrafo, where you can enjoy ravioli and other regional dishes surrounded by the "palestra nel verde" the woods on the Parodi mountain. It also has a playground so is the perfect option for families and larger parties.
No more excuses for dining in!
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