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Sunday Funday!

One of the best things of living in La Spezia is making the most of the beautiful surroundings, especially over the weekend. Although you might be tempted to hit the Cinque Terre I suggest going on a week day to avoid the crowd, especially during high season which goes from May to October.
There are of course many alternatives that will have a more laid back charm to them and make you mingle with the locals.
Here are a few suggestions for some fun weekend activities which will also turn handy on the approaching Bank Holidays: the 25th of April and the 1st of May.
If you fancy a picnic on the beach Bonassola has Italian Riviera magic written all over it. From the beautiful beaches with a vintage feel to the little church in the main square overlooking the sea it will win your heart over. Marinella is another popular destination among the locals with its long sandy beaches and relaxed vibe. You could tie in a visit to the nearby town of Sarzana, with its quirky and artsy boutiques which remind me of the Parisian neighbourhood Le Marais.
For foodies I suggest Valdurasca, with its cozy restaurants like Oasi Verde and Al Vecchio Mulino serving homemade Panigacci, the typical flatbread stuffed with cold meats and cheeses. They are also specialized in all kinds of steak, including steak drowned in blue cheese, I mean...
Another place which I always found extremely fascinating is the Rifugio al Muzzerone, where you can have some spaghetti with mussels while enjoying a stunning view of Portovenere and the entire Gulf. If you want to throw some outdoor activities in the mix while also being sustainable and visiting great places Pako bikes has it all. They organize tours with e-bikes to the 5 Terre and other more niche destinations. On the 1st of May they will be heading to Piccolo Blu in Campiglia, a lovely bistrot with a huge outdoor patio in a truly charming little town with breathtaking views. Well we are off to Marseille to visit some friends on Sunday...what will you be up to?
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